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How to Get SMS Confirmation?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMS confirmation?

Sms confirmation allows you to make sms confirmation without giving your phone number to social media platforms, sites and mobile applications that you do not want to share your phone number, thus allowing you to register comfortably. When you register to platforms by making foreign number sms confirmation with sms confirmation service, platforms cannot access your phone number data and cannot constantly disturb you. In this regard, you can spend time on your business without thinking about these issues comfortably. Register on our site now to get quality service at the most affordable price!

Which services can I confirm sms?

As Sms Onay Servisi, you can confirm sms on services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Discord, Telegram, Tiktok, Papara, Tinder, Netflix, Microsoft, Yahoo, Paypal, Getir, Hepsiburada, Yemeksepeti, Blizzard, Vk, Airbnb, Bip, Coinbase, Hopi, ICQ, IMO, NTT Game, Mailru, Okcupid, OLX, PUBG, Snapchat, Viber. Apart from these platforms, we have another option to make sms confirmation. In the other option, sms confirmation can be made to all services except the above services. Sign up for mobile confirmation now!

SMS confirmation prices

Our site is the site with the most ambitious sms approval prices in the sector. This is due to the quality - price balance we apply for customer satisfaction. You can easily access sms confirmation prices of all countries and services by registering to our panel in 10 seconds. Our site also offers you the best prices in the number rental section. Even for less than 1 lira, it's time to register on our site where sms confirmation is made and make safe shopping!

Number Rent Service

If you need to receive more than one SMS, you can easily rent a number for SMS confirmation with flexible time, country and service options. In our system, there are more than a hundred services, more than a hundred countries and number rental options for SMS confirmation for up to 12 weeks. You can have detailed information about sms confirmation by registering to our panel.

What happens if the SMS does not arrive?

If your SMS confirmation code does not arrive, you can cancel within 10 minutes and get your balance refunded instantly. In this direction, you can try for sms confirmation as you wish and examine the numbers.

What is a virtual number?

A virtual number is a telephone number that is not directly associated with a telephone line. It is used to forward incoming calls to one or more pre-set telephone numbers chosen by the client. Virtual numbers are often used for privacy reasons, as they allow users to keep their personal phone numbers private while still receiving calls. They are also used for business purposes, as they allow companies to have a local presence in multiple locations without having to set up a physical office.

How to Confirm Sms?

To give an example via Whatsapp;
1- First of all, we add balance to our account from the "Load Balance" section on our site.
2- Then, we select Whatsapp from the home page, select the country, and press get number.
3- When you sign up for Whatsapp, you write the number we gave you and have an SMS sent.
4- We look at the code sent to the number on our website and write it to Whatsapp.

What Services are available?

Sms Approval Service has approval in 20 services, including Whatsapp Approval, Facebook Approval, Instagram Approval, Twitter Approval, Gmail Approval, Discord Approval, Tinder Approval. Don't worry if you don't see the service you will be approved for. You can get approval for other apps from the service named Other!